Jill Bolte Taylor and How We Think About Art

4 thoughts on “Jill Bolte Taylor and How We Think About Art”

  1. I watched Dr. Taylor’s video clip and was astounded at how she was able to articulate with such clarity the whole experience of the stroke. It sounded like an acid trip.
    As artists we need to access the right brain hemisphere (after some proper left brained attaining of skills). I’d really like to tap into that on a regular basis!

    Thank you so much for posting this.

    P.S. I signed up for a class with you once, thru LAAFA, but it got cancelled. Will you be teaching locally in the Fall?

  2. Hi Silvina,

    Yes, the class with LAAFA should be running again in the Fall – probably starting on something like November 1st. I’ll post more info on here when the dates are confirmed and it gets a little closer. It would be fun to have you if you can make it!

    Also, if your schedule doesn’t allow it, we could set up an independent study for a different day of the week that you prefer.

  3. Hi Eric, I just found your blog. Looks good. I’ll add a link to it on mine.
    Love that quote by Henri.
    Gonna have to watch this video later, got some work to do right now.
    I’m glad you are going to be able to make the Maine trip.
    Look forward to meeting you.

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