Maine 2008

8 thoughts on “Maine 2008”

  1. Wow, man, I’ll bet you guys had allot of fun. Didn’t Edward Hopper and Rockwell Kent paint around Monhegan Island too? Wish I could wrangle an invite to one of these paint-outs, lucky you!

  2. There are plans in the works for more trips, so you’ll have to join us on the next one. I’m all for Maine again, but there are some other locations being bounced around too.

  3. Yeah, Rockwell Kent did paint on Monhegan, but back then you had to bring your own rubber snake along. Now you just have to find this mysterious man named “the fiddler” and he can set you up with all kinds of gags. You missed out on a few good pranks at the end of the week, which I’ll be happy to share with you next time we paint together. I’ll be better prepared next time!!!

  4. These paintings are terrific. I’ve done a few group painting trips to Monhegan and loved everything about it.
    Thanks for posting the photo. I ‘know’ Frank Gardner from visiting each other’s blogs. Same with some of the other guys who are posting their work on blogs. The internet has opened up the world to us all and it just tickles me to death!
    Thanks for the photo. It’s fun to see the faces of people who’s work I would recognize.
    Nothing is more fun than a painting trip!

  5. Hey I have a painting of you painting that Marshal Point Sunset, Ill post it on my blog soon.
    I say we do a painting trip to Van Nuys CA next year.

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