Local Color – The Movie

9 thoughts on “Local Color – The Movie”

  1. Hey Eric,

    I like some of the ideas you start talking about here. I’m going to be on a panel discussion next week talking about tradiotion and innovation as a painter in Maine, and I think some of this is very applicable. Such as, “there are many art forms which are embraced, and which inform each other” and, “This is our history, we still have a seat at the table.” I like these two quotes alot. First of all I really like not having animosty between different ways to make art, but seeing other ways of working as something you might be able to borrow from. And at this point I think everyone has a seat at the table… everyone is contributing. And I think the biggest value of tradition/history is what we can use to improve ourselves. It seems like today, we have the opportunity to try anything we want in our art, without having to be pingeonholed as part of a movement, or part of the establishment. Maybe not so true 50 years ago?

    Plus I really agree with trying to judge art by looking for the artist’s integrity in a painting. Painting well and making a good painting are 2 very different things.

    Thanks for some thought provoking ideas.

  2. Hi Colin,

    Thanks. Yes, in many ways I think we’ve moved beyond the 20th c., in which individual art forms literally fought for supremacy. The history of art in Los Angeles is very much a record of those struggles.

    Delacroix once said (in his Journal) that “What moves those of genius, what inspires their work, is not new ideas, but their obsession with the idea that what has already been said is still not enough.” Too, the common idea that the Impressionists and their work were sort of an end in and of themselves is erroneous; I think rather that Monet and the others developed ideas about beautiful color relationships that were just the tip of the iceberg.

    Some of the interpretations of the movie that I’ve heard recently still follow those old battle lines. I see it differently. Good luck with your panel discussion!

  3. Hi Paroshep, thanks for stopping by. I hope everyone goes out to the movies this Friday to support the film – it will probably be a litmus test, and having seen it myself I know it will resonate with audiences.

  4. Hi Claudia, thanks for visiting. I don’t know if I can answer your question, but if you go to Tony Pro’s blog or website (linked below to the right), he may know. I think Tony is friends with the director of Local Color and may be able to point you in a direction. Good luck and Happy New Year –

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