“Port Clyde 13” in Cape Cod

5 thoughts on ““Port Clyde 13” in Cape Cod”

  1. Great color in those Eric. You really got the color of Monhegan down. Love the Manana Island there behind the house.
    I posted my painting of you. The same day as that top photo here.
    Hey, aren’t you the Fiddler?

  2. Thanks for the nice comments. That was a fun afternoon, and I think towards evening everyone was painting right around the lighthouse. Ha, I was quite well documented, painting there; and honored to be the subject of your post, Frank. I’m thinking about putting together a post on the importance of umbrellas, too.

  3. Hi Eric! I’m glad to see you’re still traveling and painting (+ umbrella). I see a fair amount of overlap in our palettes.


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