The Los Angeles River

10 thoughts on “The Los Angeles River”

  1. Hi Eric, these are all gems. Hyperion Bridge, Early Afternoon has a shimmering light quality that I like a lot.
    I was surprised to see my name in this post! Thanks.

  2. Good stuff Eric.
    I really like the bottom two especially.
    One of the things that I admire about your work is that it makes me want to come back and look at it again and again.
    Great sense of color and interesting brushwork, without being over the top with it.

  3. Thanks Frank, you have a way with words as well as paint! Hope all is well in sunny Mexico – it’s finally cooled off here, even had some rain.

  4. Eric! Welcome to the L.A. River School of Urban Impressionism. I haven’t seen anything on the subject quite like your engaging abstraction that meets impressionism approach. Your work is such a personally unique artistic vision you floor me.

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