The Ever-Changing Landscape

18 thoughts on “The Ever-Changing Landscape”

  1. I’m also gonna give you a tag also,(sorry) but I figured I’ll get it out of the way and that way if you play along you get it all out of the way in one shot. I really enjoy pointing out your work to others and this is a good way to do it. If you dont want this attention then stop painting so great :). While I’m here I would love it If you would go into your working method even if just a little, I dont think I’ll be getting to Cali to attend your group any time soon. thanks and sorry, Dan

  2. Hi everyone, thanks for all of your comments. Sorry that I haven’t had time to respond to everyone individually, I’ve been trying to bake as much as I can with all of our persimmons before they go bad! Wishing everyone a peaceful and productive holiday season.

  3. first off, I have to admit that my other comment didn’t quiet sound right, I think I was In a rush and I’ll leave it at that.. Ok I was wondering If you use brush or knife or both?, do you go after the exact color note or an approx and then adjust?, stuff like that? Thank you Dan

  4. Hi Dan – primarily brushes, but I’ll use a knife for scraping areas down or working on edges. I’m always trying to be as specific to color as possible, because each successive note is directly related to what I’ve done prior. Your first note will direct the entire painting.

  5. Hi Dan – thanks for the input, I’ll try and add some more description as to working in one of the next posts. Good questions, hope it was helpful/enough, feel free to ask at any time –

  6. hey Eric ,yes definetly helpful and more insight to your working method would great. I would definetly enjoy seeing picture of unfinished or WIP pieces, those are always the most interesting pictures from artists of the past and I believe the most telling. thanks again , Dan

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