The California Art Club’s 98th Annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibition

12 thoughts on “The California Art Club’s 98th Annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibition”

  1. Hi Eric, Congratulations on your acceptance to the club. Good for you.

    And the painting is absolutely beautiful. I haven’t commented lately, but I’ve really enjoyed your recent paintings. Nice work.

  2. Congratulations, Eric…
    Well deserved honors…. both of them!! I’ve been reading about you and your work for some time from the CAC newsletters and emails and more recently from a new friend, Silvina, who took your class.
    ANYWAY… once again congratulations!

  3. Hi Colin, thanks. I wish your blog had a comment section so I could say hi, but that’s okay. Hope you’re getting some nice paintings in the snow (do you have snow on the ground yet?)

    Hi Dan and Marian, thanks very much.

  4. Congrats times two, Eric!
    While I’m not exceedingly familiar with snow (nor the ambiance of the landscape preceding a snowfall), I get the cold key to the painting. The scene feels November-ish, when the air is chilly and the light thinner.

  5. Hey, thanks Morgan. You mean, given your proximity to the Sierras, you haven’t been in winter? It’s amazing in Yosemite Valley during winter. We just got snow on the San Gabriels down here yesterday, yes, snow in L.A., down to about 2,000 feet or so!

  6. I see congratulations are in order! Aspirations of Man is one of my favorite paintings of yours.
    Are you getting more snow today? I’ve never seen a snow storm of this magnitude where I live. It hasn’t stopped coming down since I got up this morning. Can’t wait to paint it!

  7. Hi Silvina, thanks. We’ve had a nice covering of snow over the San Gabriels, I’m hoping to get out there and catch it soon. Probably not much though, compared with what you’re getting in the high desert!

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