Warm Holiday Wishes

14 thoughts on “Warm Holiday Wishes”

  1. Hi guys, thanks for stopping by. I’m going to try and get back up there again this week since the temps are rising.

    Thanks Marian – the best part is that when time comes to take the wreath down, I can just toss it back in the yard and it will sprout a new plant!

  2. Hey Eric, Looks good! You would love it out here, the snow has been really interesting. I look forward to seeing more of your snow studies.

  3. Hey Eric, just wanted to wish you a really great New Year. May you prosper in every way.
    The Silent Season is beautiful and inspiring. Your title (and skill) makes the work feel like a visual poem.

  4. Hello Again Eric,

    The gold medal piece is very nice (color is beautiful – such subtle color relationships). Had a quick question for you, Are the yarka easels still available? I haven’t been able to locate them anywhere online and was interested in their design compared to the french easel. Also, if you’re ever interested in a short painting trip to the salton sea (it is beautiful this time of year) I head out there relatively frequently – just let me know.

    Take Care,

    Andrew Dickson

  5. happy holidays to you, too.

    the piece you posted is beautiful, you’ve done an excellent job of capturing the light and shadow. glad to hear the trusty umbrella made the trip (as well as the other anti-glare sheets). snow can be so tricky! [the first time i went backpacking was in the high sierras in mid-may, at the end of snow melt. i thought i’d leave my water bottle in the snow to keep it cool, but found snow to be a better insulator than refrigerator…hence the whole igloo concept.]

    wonderful wreath, by the way. do you ever eat the nopales or the fruit?

    happy new year!

  6. Hey Logan, the snow is a lot of fun, supposed to be some more coming soon I hear. Hi Frank, ha, I wish I had brought even more of those sheets to work with! It did help though. Happy New Year!

  7. Hi Silvina, cheers. What a neat painting of Parker Mountain, very cold and nice temperature shifts. Happy New Year – here’s looking forward to another exciting year of art!

  8. Hi Andrew – you know, the Yarka has been put on the Endangered Easels List, they’re becoming extremely rare in the wild. They are much lighter than the French easel as their legs are aluminum. Where do you stay out there? That sounds like a great trip, email me some more details. Happy New Year!

  9. Hi Morgan, Happy New Year! A few years ago I went camping and painting up there in about the same spot with Peter Adams. It was after that really wet winter with lots of rain and snow; there was still a lot of it on the ground at 5,000 and up. Pretty neat to see the yucca buried in snow drifts.

    I have eaten the nopales, good stuff! I’m not well versed at preparing them, though, so the risk of me eating some of those fine hairs, the kind you can hardly see, is high.

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