“Paintapalooza” at Cape Cod Museum of Art, Addison Art Gallery

12 thoughts on ““Paintapalooza” at Cape Cod Museum of Art, Addison Art Gallery”

  1. They will both be fabulous shows since there were so many fine artists represented on that painting outing.
    The best of both worlds, huh… Lots of great things to paint… fun companionship with like-minded people… AND you get to show your work to admiring eyes..
    The best to you all in 2009!!

  2. Hey Eric. Happy New Year.
    I look forward to getting together again at the Addison show.
    Besides the two shows, there will be the article in American Art Collector as well.

  3. Hi Eric,

    Happy New Year! Its going to be a great show! It will be fun to see you and Ramona out here, and Senor Gardner too.

  4. Hi Alex, thanks, see you at an exhibition soon. Thanks Marian. Hi Laura, Happy New Year to you too.

    Hi Frank, yep, should be fun. Right about the article, I guess I’ll have to do a post script to this post once it comes out. Hope to see you in Cape Cod.

  5. Hi Logan, Happy New Year. Yes, I’m sure between the three of us we can come up with some tequila. Just have a little bit more to do to get the frames ready.

  6. Eric, Frank, Logan _ Happy New Year to all…looking forward to the shows and the article in AAC.

    Eric, one side note – I’m finishing up a portrait of you, created from a photo I shot of you on the ferry back from Monhegan…I’m pretty pleased with it and think you’ll enjoy seeing it at the Addison show.

    Best to all and thoughts out to Frank (hope you can make it here still)

    – Jeff

  7. Hi Jeff, Happy New Year to you, thanks for visiting – hey, that sounds fun, I can’t wait to check it out. I’m not sure about rest of the guys, but I think Frank and myself will be out there in February.

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