American Art Collector; Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009)

6 thoughts on “American Art Collector; Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009)”

  1. Yet another interesting blog.
    I’ll look for the article. Thanks, Eric… Today I enjoyed studying up close the landscape you have up at LAAFA. That is such a nice place to study!!

  2. I was sad to hear about Andrew Wyeth’s death.

    Do you remember the poster of ‘Christina’s World’ that was on the wall in Mr. Gray’s classroom? That was the first I’d seen of Andrew’s work, and it was enough to hook me. His ability to capture detail and a certain harsh coldness mesmerized me.

    Have you ever been to the Brandywine River Museum? When I was in PA a few years ago, I made sure to take the lovely drive out of Philly to see the Wyeth collection there. Fantastic.

  3. Hi Marian, thanks. It is a great place, they work really hard to keep everything moving forward.

    Hi Morgan – I think I remember that. Another classroom had that large landscape by Frederic Church, “The Heart of the Andes.” I’ve been to the Brandywine. Did you tour N.C.’s studio up the hill? What a fantastic place. If you’re ever up in Rockland, Maine, check out the museum there. The building behind across the street is full of work by all three of the Wyeths.

  4. I’ve harbored a hope to get to Maine, but haven’t made the trip. When I get out there I’ll definitely check out the museum!

  5. It was only recently that I discovered Andrew Wyeth’s amazing art work. I am a Liberal Arts Major at Miami University and this past summer I came accross an original exibition poster from Wyeth’s 1976 Two Worlds of Andrew Wyeth exibition at the MET; I researched Andrew Wyeth’s work and was blown away at some of his American masterpieces. I was too sad to here he passed away, but since I have visited web site musuems and hope to learn more about his art work.

  6. Hi Teresa, thanks for visiting the blog. The Brandywine Museum in Pennsylvania and the museum in Rockland, Maine both have good collections of Wyeth’s work. Of course, seeing them in person reveals so much more to the work.

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