Alexey Steele is Taking Over Los Angeles!

8 thoughts on “Alexey Steele is Taking Over Los Angeles!”

  1. Wonderful story and thoughts. I love the infectious enthusiasm people like Alexey create. The Russian people’s focus on the arts is admirable. Just imagine what our country would be like if we focused energy like that. Looks like you have a microcosm of what that would be like in your community. Bravo!

  2. It was a lot of fun! I think I will get there early next time, sort of tough finding a seat when I walk in 20min late! See you out here in Mass for Paintapalooza at

  3. Hi Ed – glad you liked it, I thought Alexey’s comments were insightful too. Funny about the “bravo!” too – heard that cheer quite often for the Classical Underground musicians. Well deserved.

  4. Hey Logan – Chairs are a definitely a step up from standing on the cold cement floor! There was enough to look at as well as the musicians that I didn’t mind too much. Just getting ready to head out to catch the red-eye out to the exhibition…

  5. Hey Eric, just wanted to let you know it was great meeting you in person (Cape Cod) and hopefully next time we will get to push some paint around. Nice story, makes me feel its ok to admit that I still love the “High Five”

  6. Hi Dan, thanks for travelling down for the opening, great to meet you. Best of luck with your exhibit coming up!

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