East Coast Ideals/West Coast Concepts*

14 thoughts on “East Coast Ideals/West Coast Concepts*”

  1. Good seeing you out here Eric and Ramona! Glad you packed so much in, in such a short time. I still haven’t seen Hawthorne’s studio, I will have to bug Paul, Pete or Jerome to take me over there!

  2. Hi Dan, you’re right, there is a huge difference. I don’t think it’s possible for modern printing techniques to reproduce Hensche’s work, his color range was just so incredibly expansive. Same with Hawthorne, his work contains quieter color, not quite the chromatic intensity that Hensche later developed but incredibly subtle.

    Hey Logan – we covered a lot of ground, thanks to our many great hosts and tour guides. Now when I get back I can just plunk down and paint. Too bad the other guys out here couldn’t make it, I’m sure they would have loved it.

  3. Eric and Ramona…it was great spending time with you drivng back to Boston…hope you enjoyed your last night and day in town. Did you get to the North End? The MFA? Hope the tripback was uneventful and youre now plunking down painting – or photographing kings…or whatever. Great seeing you bot…and I like the idea of a Provincetown Paintapalooza. I’m sure in addition to great subject matter… we’d have quite a night at the club if that came to pass.

    Logan, thanks for the Bonasia Balls praise…although I’m hoping next year my paintings get noticed that much – hah!

    be well all.


  4. PS…Eric I spent quite a while with your still lifes today. Killer. i am loving them…lots of time studying the colors and color relationships…..and I found Hensche’s and Hawthorne’s books in my bookshelves – dusting them off to recall their insights to color etc..


  5. Hi Jeff, thanks again for the lift to Boston, just perfect timing. We took your advice and hit up Giacomo’s, super tasty, then went to Vose Galleries, the Copley Society, the Guild, and the Gardner. Isabella, not Frank. I think the time change caught up with me that last day, but am back to myself now.

    Great – you won’t be able to put your brush down after reading those little books.

  6. Eric,
    sounds like you guys had a full last night and day,,,a great lineup of stops. glad you’re rested and back on your feet.

    I’m off for a full day of painting with Henry and Charles


  7. Hey Jeff, I’ve thought a little more about the approach of Bongart as opposed to Hensche, it’s a good question. I think in general the Russian approach looks for the ‘moods’ of nature and plays opposites off of each other (warm/cool, life/death, male/female, etc.) while Hensche might say (for example) that a particular day is yellowish, then maybe washing in the board and keying things to a yellow harmony (or green or blue, etc.). I don’t know Hensche’s approach enough to speak authoritatively, but that seems to be one way of looking at it.

  8. Hey Eric, Paul and I got a tour on the Hawthorne studio from the real estate agent who is representing the property. It is pretty nice up there. Too bad they had to sell of the land of the property, and now 2 units are being built right near his studio. Still a cool place…I think they are asking about $800,000 for the studio and 1 million for the house. Maybe we should get our friends together and buy the studio and open a summer school! Wishful thinking I guess, but it would be great!

  9. Hey Logan, yeah, those other two houses are disappointing so close, but still a great place. I made friends with one of the cats up there, but I guess it was a little too much because then he promptly gouged my hand! Maybe they’d knock a bit off the asking price if we promised to put an art school there…

  10. Yeah the realtor mentioned that they would rather keep the studio a school and would be more willing to work with artists that would like to keep it a school. Maybe we need to organize a fundraiser/art show to get the funds for the studio.

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