Nature is Noisy If We Could Only Hear It

7 thoughts on “Nature is Noisy If We Could Only Hear It”

  1. Saw a few snakes last year while painting, but none hanging from a hawk. How cool is that? Like the landscape a lot, but the light in that small still life is wonderful. Exactly like you were saying, it stopped me with the abstract shapes first. Nice.

  2. Hi Bill, thanks. We do tend to run into a lot of wildlife outdoors, right? At least these guys were preoccupied.

    Hi Robin, I hadn’t thought of that, but it is a possibility…thanks.

  3. Hi Eric,

    Great story about the hawk! Seeing it must have been some sort of reward for the motorcycle-imposed auditory assault. Well, seeing it and also being spared the experience of having a rattlesnake land on you from above. Yet another reason to always paint with an umbrella.

    The bit you wrote about attraction to the abstract (second paragraph) inspired me to pause and mull over the concept of visual impact. I’ve heard it said that some abstract designs are considered universally — or nearly so — appealing. But how does that fit with some pieces in a museum pulling the gut more so than others? Big question, I suppose.

  4. Hi Morgan – yes, nicely put. The “rattlesnake barrier” is often overlooked as a benefit of an umbrella.

    I like your thinking. Visual communication is interesting because of it’s broad commonality, as you say. Another piece to the puzzle, or rather another question of it, is how something can affect you one day, and seem totally different the next.

    I went to a Classical Underground performance again last night (I wrote about the group in a previous post about Alexey Steele). Alexey has now begun to feature a painting at the last three performances, set up behind the musicians. I was fascinated how the painting last night, a seascape by Steve Mirich, seemed to change throughout the night as different pieces were played!

  5. A hawk carrying expensive snake skin luggage? A bit ostentatious in this economy don’t you think? Some hawks are just clueless.

    Seeing this landscape makes me yearn for Spring weather so I’ll be out of excuses for not painting en plein air. Love the texture you put in this one.

    The still life is gorgeous. I see it in a very simple and thick, quarter sawn oak, arts and craft frame. Did you make a frame for this one?

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