Evelyn Payne Hatcher (1914-2009)

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  1. Eric, So sorry to hear that your friend, Evelyn is gone. You will have wonderful memories of a great lady you knew for just a few years. She lived a long and rich life, I’m sure.

    Love, Mom

  2. Eric, I’m so sorry to hear your friend, Evelyn, passed away. Glad you were able to find the tape of your interview. Sounds like she was an amazing person full of stories and passion.


  3. eric,
    thanks for sharing the interview…..and thoughts go out to you and Ms. Hatcher’s family.

    best to you and Ramona…

  4. Eric..
    Thanks for this interesting post. You have had some really terrific experiences, haven’t you??
    Did Ms. Payne Hatcher have any children??? If so I wonder if they paint or not.

  5. Hey Eric, Sorry to hear the news. But I am glad that there are people out there like you who don’t forget the past and do take interest in people who aren’t on TV or on Magazine covers everyday.

  6. Hi everyone, thanks, I’m glad I was able to get to know her. Marian, she was married previously, but to the best of my knowledge had no children.

  7. Lovely piece, Eric. What an inspirational connection you’ve made to the past. I’m certain that after Evelyn met you, she must have felt that her parents’ passion for sensitive and truthful art is safe in your creative hands. I am so proud of the important work you do for the California Art Club!

  8. What a lovely experience that must have been to sip tea and talk with this talented woman. I have the updated version of Composition for Outdoor Painting, indispensable. I look forward to reading what you transcribe of the interview. I wonder what the last book , Made for Trade, is about.

  9. Hi Elaine, thanks. She was flattered that the CAC made her an Honorary Member, too.

    Hi Silvina, yes, it’s a good book to have. Evelyn was (I believe) responsible for much of the updates to the book as well as the addition of color images. The original editions (I don’t know many Edgar would have done before he passed away) didn’t have any color images in them.

  10. Dear Eric,
    I have two murals by Edgar Payne and am interested in finding out their history. Could you please contact me. I am so sorry that Evelyn has passed away. I would have loved to have spoken with her.
    Thanks for your posting.

  11. Hi Leslie, thanks for visiting. If you can email images of them to eric(AT)ericmerrell.com, I’ll see what I can find out. (Replace (AT) with “@”). Are they sketches or cartoons for larger murals? I think his mural work was from the early period in Chicago.

  12. I’m so sad to learn that Evelyn has passed away. I was trying to find her. Hold on to your seat, but I found an original painting of her mother’s this weekend at a yard sale for $2 dollars. I had never heard of Elsie Palmer Payne but once I researched her a little I was curious to find her daughter. How sad I am for the art world and for you, Eric.

  13. Hello Bridget, thanks for your comments. I’m sure Evelyn would have been thrilled that you found one of her mother’s paintings. Her mother was very special to her. And I’m glad to know those great finds are still out there!

  14. Dear Eric,

    Just came across your website…very nice. I want to let you know that the Pasadena Museum of California Art (PMCA) is currently working on a major retrospective exhibition on Edgar Payne. It will be the first museum exhibition for Payne in recent decades.

    I wish I had the opportunity to meet Evelyn…

  15. Hi Simon, thanks for stopping by. I had heard that the museum was working on that project; I’m sure will be well attended. Will look forward to it. His place in American art has been pretty well cemented in recent years. Evelyn would be glad to see the new appreciation of his work, it was pretty much gone by the time he died. Cheers –

  16. Hi Eric,
    So nice to see your piece on Evelyn. I am George Payne’s grandaughter (Edgar’s brother) and I came across this while working on some family history. So sad that Evelyn has passed away. My uncle, Ralph, had done some extensive filming of Edgar and Elsie before he passed away. Ralph has passed away, too. I have been trying to find still photos in California that Ralph took during his time there during WWII. My father, Larry, is still alive in Fredericksburg, Texas. We are all a little eccentric!

  17. Hi Laurie, thanks for stopping by. I’ve heard of those films; anywhere that one might see them? I know that the California Art Club would be glad to get something like that in their Archives. Don’t know if I could provide anything, but let me know if you are looking for something I might be able to assist with.

  18. Hi Eric and Laurie, the Pasadena Museum of California Art is considering expand the retrospective exhibition to include a documentary/film, as well as the film you mentioned. I will be happy to share more information when we have the details iron out…

  19. Hi Eric,
    Today I called Evelyn’s phone number as I had visited her twice while my husband and I were in the Twin Cities visiting our son. I was very interested in both Edgar and Elsie and had purchased both books about them. Also have the drawing one by Edgar and the book Art and Culture by Evelyn. I would be very interested in flying to Pasadena for the retrospective exhibition if I get information in time. She was an extremely interesting lady and I was able to see Edgar’s and Elsie’s work as well as her collection from different cultures. After I read the books about the Payne’s I noticed their daughter, Evelyn, had taught in St. Cloud. My brother happened to be going there for classes and he was able to check for me. Since she was still living and in the area not far from where my son worked I was able to visit with her. My husband passed away almost 6 years ago and I had not seen her for quite awhile. Somehow I got on your site and am sad to head of her passing.

  20. Hello Kay, thanks for your recollections. I think Evelyn had a profound effect on everyone whom she met. Hopefully Simon will let us know when the Payne retrospective will be held at the PMCA (see previous posts), that will be neat to see. I’ll try to write up something at that time too –

  21. Hi Eric and Kay, I’m sorry for not checking back this site sooner. “Edgar Payne: The Scenic Journey” is organized by the PMCA, will opens at the Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, on February 11 to May 6, 2012. Then it will come to PMCA opens in June to September of 2012, which will be the anchor exhibition of the PMCA’s 10th anniversary celebration. The museum is currently working very hard on traveling the exhibition to a 3rd venue, a very major museum for the western art in the mid-west. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

    “The Scenic Journey” will include approximately 80 masterpieces of Payne’s, and a group of black and white photography and pencil drawings. In addition, there will be a few pieces of hand crafted furniture, all by Payne himself. The documentary film done by Ralph of Payne during one of his Sierra trip will be incorporated in the show and DVD will be available for purchase at the museum shop when the exhibition opens.

    The PMCA will also publish a hardcover large-format 300-page monograph with Pomegranate (which published the Arthur and Lucia Mathews book by Harvey Jones). Thank you Eric for sharing these information with Payne’s lovers. We hope this exhibition will re-introduce this great master to the current generation…

  22. Hi Simon, thanks for the update. I’m sure that will be a great exhibit. Interesting that you’ll have that film of Payne painting in the Sierras, I’d like to see it – I’ve been going through some of the CAC’s old bulletins from the 40s and 50s lately, and have noticed a couple mentions of that film. It seems that his wife Elsie presented the film a few times (after he had passed away). Here is a link (the first example is under April 1948, just about a year after his passing): http://www.californiaartclub.org/history/bulletins40s.html#42

  23. Dear Eric,

    The exhibition “Edgar Payne: The Scenic Journey” was opened at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento two weeks ago, it was quite overwhelmed on the opening day. The show is stunning with so many major artworks by Payne under the same roof. I hope you and your friends will have chance to visit.

    The show will travel to Pasadena Museum of California Art (PMCA), which is the organize museum, in June this year, and to Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa OK in December, 2012.

    The 272-page coffee table book is available now at the PMCA Store. They are running a special package deal on the book with the Maynard Dixon catalogue. Here is the link:


    Colorado Public Television (CPT12) of PBS is finishing up its documentary film with the same title and the scholars contributed to this project, in partnership with PMCA. They have interviewed with the scholars, as well as footage of the show at Crocker. This 60-minute documentary will be available when the show opens at Pasadena in June.

    In addition De (McCall) has digitized the short film that Payne made, titled “Sierra Journey” and it will also be available at the PMCA store.

    Cheers! 🙂


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