Concerning the Spiritual in Art

4 thoughts on “Concerning the Spiritual in Art”

  1. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the book recommendation, sounds like an interesting read. I enjoyed The Art Spirit, and look forward to this piece by Kandinsky; partly to continue reading about his notions of color theory and partly to hear how his voice translates from the visual to the textual.


  2. Hi Eric,
    Fantastic post. A couple of years ago I purchased Kandinsky’s Complete Writings On Art (over 920 page volume) and found it difficult to finish. You’ve inspired me to take a second look.

  3. Hi Silvina, that’s great. I’ve never heard of that version. I just finished a 1,500 page book, so that’s in the same ballpark. Took a few months, though! Kandinsky has some interesting thoughts, if you dig a little you can find some other work besides what he’s known for, too.

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