Sequoia Riverlands Paint-Out

14 thoughts on “Sequoia Riverlands Paint-Out”

  1. Hey Dan, thanks. It wasn’t a Maine winter, but cold still! Hope everything is going well for you. Come out to paint California if you need a break from the Northeast weather.

  2. On behalf of all of us at Sequoia Riverlands Trust, it was a pleasure to host you all. And the paintings were wonderful! I’m glad you enjoyed your stay here, despite the chilly nights (good for you for camping!). Best of luck with your work. -Niki-

  3. Hi Frank, thanks.

    Hi Niki, thanks for visiting – you guys did a great job, it was wonderfully organized! I think everyone enjoyed their time up there, and hope it becomes an annual event! The San Joaquin Valley deserves more attention, especially from artists.

  4. Hi Belinda, thanks for visiting. I’m working on some more of the history that we were talking about, will put it online in a bit. Hope to see you at another exhibition soon –

  5. Hey Eric, I’ll reciprocate by putting a link to yours on mine. (took me a while to find where to leave a comment, hope you get it) Feel free to link mine on the CAC section of Artist Blogs (unless I need to do it myself, I’ll check)…it’ll force me to write more and keep it up. Your work’s looking Frencher and Frencher all the time. (that’s a compliment) See you at the opening this weekend. I’ll recognize you even if you don’t remember MY face. Later.

  6. Hi Marian, yes, but next time I’ll find a campsite that doesn’t have a 9 p.m. curfew for closing the gates! Also had no cell phone reception. I think there was one back down the road in Lemon Cove that was better on both counts.

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