Birth of the California Art Club: Its Founding and First Annual Exhibition

7 thoughts on “Birth of the California Art Club: Its Founding and First Annual Exhibition”

    1. Hi…I am trying to do research on Frederick Roland Miner, one of the first members of the California Art Club. We have a number of his paintings and am not familiar with the artist or the paintings value. Any help from you is greatly appreciated. Thanks!! in advance for you help. Gloria Miner

  1. I enjoyed learning the history of the California Art Club. My Grandfather was not a member (wouldn’t join ANY kind of group) however he spent many hours and went on many plein air treks with a number of the folks you mentioned – I actually have one of Hanson Puthuff’s paintings in my home!

    1. Hi Kay, thanks for stopping by. What was your grandfather’s name? I do know of a few artists, both historically and contemporary, that just didn’t join clubs. Sort of like Groucho Marx’s phrase – I wouldn’t be a member of any club that would have me as a member!

  2. Hi Erik:
    I have a F. Miner three panel wooden screen that I found at a yarde sale in Los Feliz. It is very beautiful. It is interesting that he died in this area in 1935.

  3. In 1933 Edith Park Truesdell was one of forty-one woodcut artists and their one hundred and eleven prints selected for the First Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Woodcuts. Alfred Fowler of Kansas City, Missouri was its director. You can see that catalogue at http://carrollton-wood It is my understanding that she was an artist member of the California Club and Associate Editor of the CAC Bulletin (from Jan. 1929 through about 1931). Do you have a link at your site to any of her woodcuts? I would like to link it to my next post. Thank you.
    Fred Geary: Swept Up By The Revival

    1. Hi Karl,

      Yes, Edith Truesdell was a CAC member as well as the Editor of the Bulletin. I don’t have any of her images, unfortunately. Good luck with the post, sounds interesting –


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