Pictures at an Exhibition

10 thoughts on “Pictures at an Exhibition”

  1. Hi David, thanks for visiting. If you do happen to get out to California, maybe for the LPAPA show, the Pepperdine exhibit will be up through early August.

  2. I keep coming back to look at this painting. It is really nice and the frame looks great. Really wish I could see it in person because I know how your brushwork looks, and I know this one has a lot of stuff that I can’t see in the photo.

  3. Hi Frank, thanks. The brushstrokes never translate well in photos – some parts of the rocks and water have heavier passages while the beach in the foreground has some thin areas. Wish I had brought some black boards to the reception with me to control those reflections!

  4. Awesome tranquil painting. I’m glad it’s out there for people to see. Good to know it’s there “til August. Likely I’ll take my daughter to see it one of these days.

  5. Hi Vicki, glad you like it. If you’re out in Malibu on one of those hot summer days, the museum is a nice air-conditioned place to enjoy art for a few hours.

  6. Hi Eric, something else that doesn’t translate well in photos is the subtle tarnished silver tone of your frame. Looks awfully shiny in this photo.
    It was so nice to see one of my favorite artists (you) at the show.

  7. Hi Eric,

    I’ll try to make it out to the exhibition before the show closes. Looking forward to it!
    By the way, your paintings are absolutely stunning!

  8. Hi Silvina – Thanks 🙂 It was well lit, but the frame will be pretty reflective. Unless I paint areas of it to make more of a matte finish. Nice to see you and meet you friend –

    Hi Jennifer, hey thanks. Pepperdine is nicely positioned right by some great places to paint, so it’s fun to make a whole day out of it.

    Bill, what have you been up to? Besides painting and posting; we haven’t crossed paths in awhile.

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