The Artist’s Umbrella – What are my options?

10 thoughts on “The Artist’s Umbrella – What are my options?”

  1. Hi William, thanks for the addition. I’m sure I missed a few. The EasyL umbrella is listed at $74.99, so it’s comparable in price, too. Thanks!

  2. After trying several different umbrellas I’m now happily using the ShadeBuddy. I wrote a rave review of it recently on my blog and someone commented on its downside: it doesn’t work on paved surfaces or in the sand. Other than that it’s perfect!

  3. I have the EasyL one and can say when i tested it seemed to be very well made and packs really small, which great cause it usually stays in the trunk of my car where space is limited.

  4. Hi Jana, thanks for the review. I’ll check out your post/blog. Sewing on keyrings should enable you to stake in dirt/sand/most anything; this works even in very high winds (painting in the California high desert winds yesterday worked good, but I had to brace the umbrella against my back at one point and hold my easel with one hand) I also carry a couple of bungee cords to attach my backpack to my easel and/or umbrella. If it isn’t windy, you can tie your umbrella to your easel and work on pavement.

    Thanks Dan, another thumbs up for the EasyL. All the info is great.

  5. I have a Yarka Umbrella but lost the screw that keeps it in place..anyone know where to buy parts for this??

    1. Hi Sandy, do you mean the thumbscrew for the pole? I have had to repair mine a couple of times, and found the easiest way to do this was to use a tap and die set to tap a slightly larger (and non-metric) threaded hole. Then you can replace the part with easily accessible thumbscrews from OSH or True Value.

  6. Helpful, Sandy, but a bit light on the ‘around the world’ element. Importing, say, an Art Essentials Easyl umbrella to Europe would make it around $220 including shipping and import duties. A pity US suppliers don;t have distribution outlets in Europe.

  7. The two paintings by Joaquín Sorolla reproduced on this post belong to the collection of Museo Sorolla in Madrid, the artist´s house. Some paintings by this artist contain the silhouette of his umbrella in the upper part of the canvas.

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