Update from the High Desert

11 thoughts on “Update from the High Desert”

  1. Eric,
    So it’s a good place for a rock band photo shoot, huh? You’re too funny.
    I’m anxious to see what your paintings of that terrain look like. It looks just like where I live. I’m hoping for some inspiration from your interpretations.

    I’m a big Vincent Van Gogh fan. I got very excited when I read that you saw his thumbprints!

  2. Sounds like some seriously adverse conditions… I will never be able to complain about the weather now. I am curious how quick is your paint drying in this weather? Best of luck, Dan

  3. Hi Silvina,
    Yes, you’d probably love it. I haven’t explored the southwest too much, just a lot of the CA desert, but from what I’ve heard the latter is very different from the former. If you’re out there and you time it just right, the PSAM has free days every so often, maybe 1st Thursdays?

    Hi Dan, well, I’ve noticed things will start to skin over in about a day if they’re not used on the palette. I’ve started bringing my gear indoors just to slow the process down a bit!

  4. Hi Eric, Its hot back home in LA so can’t imagine that climate – but sounds like you have it under control. Ok, where is that man’s umbrella…? …. oh forget it, just watched the weather forecast – extreme winds – so if its not anchored down …the residents will be seeing flying brollies! Can’t wait to see your work too, post something, anything, soon. Full moon tomorrow – have fun!

  5. Hey Logan! Yes, I’ll try to get some of them shot. Kind of difficult out here with just my phone, but maybe I can fashion something out of a cholla and get a cottontail to assist with the lighting. Ha ha. How’s the cape?

    Hi Catherine – this week has actually been pretty mild, mostly in the 90’s! Down to the 70’s overnight. Overall it has been a cooler-than-normal summer, from what I hear. May was actually sweater weather according to one source. The moonlight has been a lot of fun to paint, very quiet and serene.

  6. Hey Eric, The Cape is great! I painted with Jerome, Peter and Paul on the dock of the Beachcombers club house yesterday. That was a lot of fun. Going to an opening tomorrow night, and will be doing some more painting in P town soon.

  7. Hey, nice. Tell them I said hi. Now you just have to find one more person to have the painting version of Peter, Paul and Mary. Maybe we can do a high desert trip with everyone at some point.

  8. eric, great to see you out there and I am certain you will gain a more indepth knowledge into yourself and your work for doing so.
    Happy trails.

  9. Hi Marty, yes thanks. I hope so. And if not, at least the rabbits and lizards will.

    Hope all of your girls are doing well!

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