The First Black American Art Exhibit in Los Angeles, 1929

10 thoughts on “The First Black American Art Exhibit in Los Angeles, 1929”

    1. Hey Tony – I was just over at the Museum of American Art (part of the Smithsonian in DC) and stumbled across a whole bunch of Tanners in their third floor conservatory area. Some beautiful small sketches plus larger pieces too, but they’re not listed on maps of the institution!

  1. Yeah, isn’t it a great piece? I haven’t seen many if any others of his work, though I imagine a fair amount of them are on the east coast. I can’t recall if the Philadelphia Museum of Art had some of his work…

  2. I am looking for information on an African American artist named Domino. He painted a series of paintings of horses as well as a portrait of my grandmother. He was based in Richmond, CA in the early 1920’s.

  3. Hi, I am looking for info on K.D. Ganaway, I have done google research and this is the only place his name came up. Thanks

    1. Hi Karen, This exhibit is the only time I’ve come across his name (also couldn’t find any dates or what “K. D.” stands for). If I find anything I’ll post it on here. Thanks.

      1. what info are you looking for on King Daniel Ganaway? I am married to his great grandson.

  4. Hi Mr. Merrell…since you wrote it, I have shared your article with lots of people. I found it wonderfully refreshing to see that someone cared enough to document this aspect of history for Black artists. Thank you. Recently, while doing research for our show Places of Validation, Art & Progression, I came across a reference that in 1925 there was an exhibition of about 100 Balck artist in Los Angeles at the Art Academy of Piano Music. Supposedly this show was referenced in the LA Times, May 10, 1925, but I cannot find out anything about the location or who was in the show. This would have occured before the Calif. Art Club show. Either way, I am curious to know more and wondered if you ran across it in your research including who organized the show and why. Maybe together we can find the answers. I welcome your suggestions where to search…maybe it is in the Calif Art Club archives, but I couldn’t even find the location mentioned on their list of galleries or presenting sites.

    Charmaine Jefferson
    Executive Director
    California African American Museum

    1. Hello, and thanks! It was fascinating to research and learn about for me, glad you liked it. I haven’t heard of that 1925 exhibition before, but I will keep an eye out for it now that I’m aware. Perhaps it involved some of the same organizers as the later CAC exhibit.

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