New work at Edenhurst Gallery

6 thoughts on “New work at Edenhurst Gallery”

  1. Hi Eric! It’s unusual to find myself in a position of conformance, but I agree with Tony and Marian; Forbidding Lands puts the awe in awesome. [meaning: it’s awe-inspiring]

  2. So glad you stopped by my blog! I’ve been meaning to touch base with you; we are in the LA area pretty frequently and I would love to come by your studio some time that is convenient!

    We are still in the honeymoon stage of desert life, but the reality seeps in through the corners at times.

    We’re happy, mostly, which is about all one can hope for, really.

    I’m writing a lot (as you pointed out). I’m working on a major transition – ask me about it in April and maybe I’ll have figured things out by then 😉

    Love to you and your gorgeous lady. Will you be out here anytime soon?


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