Big Sur

15 thoughts on “Big Sur”

  1. lovely work, eric!

    your palette is truly that of the pacific coast. how is it that you’ve captured the movement of the water and the stillness of the cliffs…all on one canvas?

  2. Hi Eric..
    Sounds like you had a great time… You never sit still do you? I was sorry to miss meeting you at the VAG paintout — I hear it was fun.
    Always enjoy seeing the world through your paintings.

    Actually I was surprised you didn’t join the huge gang of artists who were just down in Mexico… I think you were with them last year back east weren’t you???

  3. Hi Marian, it was such a nice day to be out painting that Sunday, and Topanga was great. Sorry to have missed you –

    Yes, I went to Maine last year. Wasn’t able to make Mexico this year for a couple of reasons, mostly because I’m working on getting married next May, and I was already gone for two months this summer out in the desert and then recently Big Sur! I’m sure they had a good time though.

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