Solo Exhibition NYC

23 thoughts on “Solo Exhibition NYC”

  1. Hi Ed, thanks, I think I’m in the final stretch now. Sorry I missed the Timberfield trip, sounded great but had too many things going on (this being one of them!) Eric

    1. Hey Eric ~ “CONGRATULATIONS”!! Looks like all those hours in the sun are really paying off :~). Your works are delightful and I wish you great success at your first show. Kay Pratt (legacy blogger and Plein air Painter Walt Lee’s Grandaughter/Artist.

  2. gorgeous work, eric. the recent use of hot colors complement your palette and style — you give voice to the desert, an often silent and overlooked california treasure.

    and congrats on the upcoming show in nyc!

  3. Hi Morgan, thanks. I think I’ve got it all backwards though – I head inland to the desert during the summer while everyone else (wisely) heads to the beaches! 🙂

  4. The work is really great. I love looking at those subtle, yet clearly perceived color shifts throughout the paintings . I wish I could see all the works in the show together. Congratulations. By the way, I just returned from Florence last week and was thinking of the paintings you did in France. It seems that the colors/forms have a certain unique quality over there (different from California) and I think you really got a sense of it in your works from Europe.

    1. Hi Andy, thanks, we’ll have to get back out there soon. If you can get away though, wasn’t the baby just born recently? Congratulations! What part of France did you go to?

  5. Hey Eric, Looks great, congrats on the show! Hope I will be able to see the paintings in person. I remember years ago talking with Glenn Dean about how cool it would be for you to paint the desert with your sense of color and design. Its great to see you doing this desert work and we were right, you bring a really nice perspective to the desert…yes I am taking credit for your excellent paintings.

  6. Hey Logan, thanks, maybe we’ll see you guys at the reception(?) Fun! We should do one of these group trips out to the desert, either CA or the southwest somewhere.

    You do some pretty smart desert paintings yourself, sir! Congrats on your upcoming exhibit as well –

  7. Eric~ This is amazing! LOVE the desert work, wish I was going to be in NYC to see the show. Just spectacular stuff, great direction and subject for you. If nobody buys that blue nocturne you be sure and let me know…

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