There Is No Gray in Nature

16 thoughts on “There Is No Gray in Nature”

  1. Eric,

    Fantastic post today, sir. Really interesting thoughts and great examples. You are, of course, correct in the deficiency of our use of language to describe what we see. Perhaps that’s why we paint? I remember when I first started learning color at school and we(the students) were to mix different greys. They were beautiful, but calling them grey may not have been the best term. I don’t personally have a problem with terms like grey, neutral, or the others, but I can see that it might make for a lazy way of thinking. I’ll have to practice this “new” way of discerning color; see if it makes a difference. I dig the Delacroix quote.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. Eric,

    Thanks for your post.

    Hensche once told me he didn’t like the word “subtle”. I always wondered about that – I’m thinking it’s because to him there is nothing “subtle” about the truth. In fact, it is exacting and specific.

    Your blog followers might enjoy seeing more of Hensche’s work at There’s also a Hensche Facebook group that anyone can join.

    1. Hi John – thanks for the note and the link (I also have the link on the sidebar). That’s interesting, and the explanation makes perfect sense. Maybe it’s just subtle while the artist is searching for it, and rings clear once the artist makes a decision?

    1. Hey Dan, ha ha. I wonder why that color was selected originally? I seem to recall older paintings that used the same approach.

  3. Hey Eric,

    I really enjoyed the post. I remember you were talking about this idea when we were painting out at the Salton Sea. You got some great paintings out of that trip. I think your color work is outstanding, and its interesting to read your thoughts about it.

    We should plan another painting trip soon. (Hopefully we can find another stellar Mexican restaurant).

    1. Hey, thanks Joe. Always a good time getting together with you guys and talkin’ art. I have a lot of good notes from that trip, and wrote down a couple of the books you mentioned too. Looking forward to the next adventures (it’s probably amazing out there right now)

  4. It is a very rare “neutral” which doesn’t show any tendency toward one color family or other, or doesn’t react differently in different color relationships. So, Eric, you’ve said it well. There’s really no such thing as “gray.” Something good to contemplate, with appreciation and awe. Thanks for the thought.

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