On The Importance of Writers

6 thoughts on “On The Importance of Writers”

  1. Well said, Eric. Carefully selected exposure, aka “target your audience.” I’ll confess that I think Facebook can be a good tool for artists, though mainly for sharing new art, ideas / socializing with one another. It’s not the best marketing tool.

    If I’d known you were just back from France when I saw you Monday, I’d have loved hearing about your trip! My best wishes for you and Ramona to settle into a long, happy and healthy marriage!

    1. Hi Diane, thanks. I agree Facebook can definitely be a great help. Wonder if Mirbeau would have a blog in this day and age?

      I’ll have to write something about our travels when I get a chance to parse through the photos, we traveled all over Normandy, painting (me) and filming (Ramona). I’m working on some larger paintings from the sketches, so maybe I can shoot those and post when they’re closer to completion.

  2. Eric,

    By far, one of my favorite museums. I love that place.
    Thanks for this post. It highlights the importance of relationship. Solitude in the studio, but isolation is not good for us. We need to foster relationships with others and promote great art.

  3. Hello Eric, Lovely that you and Ramona spent a honeymoon together in France.
    I eagerly await to see your Normandy paintings.

    Funny, here on my desk is the small book :
    Rodin by Rainer Marie Rilke, 62 pages with black and white photos and sketches.
    The Grey Walls Press LTD N.Y. 1948.
    First printed in England in 1946.
    The jacket of the book is flacking away it is so old.
    I visited the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia a few years ago. “… the largest collection of Rodin’s works outside Paris . ” http://www.rodinmuseum.org/

    I’ve been living with Rodin’s sculptures each day that I go to work at the Norton Simon Museum.

    And yes, to have articles written about our art is key to having a chance of serious folks getting to know our work.
    It has been a while , hope to visit soon.
    Marion Emerson Melchiorre

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