Borrego Springs Workshop and Invitational Paint-Out

5 thoughts on “Borrego Springs Workshop and Invitational Paint-Out”

  1. Borrego Springs isn’t active like the desert communities around Palm Springs. There’s no Trader Joes or In ‘n Out Burger. No sirens and no cell reception up in the hills. It’s quiet, has a low poulation density and no traffic…which is to say it has a lot going for it. It feels like California’s Outback and was a terrific place to paint. If you sit quietly for a bit you’ll see that the landscape you thought was brown is actually bronze and plum, charcoal, straw and bone. Or maybe magenta and turquoise. Naples Yellow becomes your new best friend.

    It was enjoyable painting in the company of others who were so competent and encouraging, a tone you set Eric. Thanks too for the direct feedback and nonintrusive coaching. Both were very helpful. See you down the road…True

  2. Thanks for the comment True, glad to have you join us. It was definitely a good location, might have to plan a return there soon.

  3. Hi Jose – I hope to do another out in Anza-Borrego soon. I’ve also been considering Joshua Tree in the high desert for a workshop too.

    Thanks Dave –

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