The Decline of American Monuments and Memorials

2 thoughts on “The Decline of American Monuments and Memorials”

  1. This is such a great article. I am still baffled at the fact that the MLK memorial looks like a cross between Ramses II and Mao Zedong. The literalism of Roosevelt Memorial reminds me of the cheesy garden sculptures that litter posh mansions in Beverly Hills and City Halls everywhere. Not to mention the obvious “adaptations” the author mentions.

    I am not sure this is just a symbol of America’s decline much in the way Roman monuments became coarse and technically weak at the end of Roman rule – lacking the elegant splendor of Ara Pacis or Titu’s arch – or simply a generation lapse in judgement due to political correctness and vision. The expense of these monuments is too staggering to allow for trite expressions of faith and starchitect foibles.

    I think the names in the Ground Zero Memorial were not selected at random though but in order of acquaintance, people that worked together are placed together, etc… I found that a nice touch.

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