Consignment Forms for Artists – We’re All In This Together

8 thoughts on “Consignment Forms for Artists – We’re All In This Together”

  1. Very good info. I like the rationale on framing costs. I’m in two galleries at present and both are 60/40. I feel very fortunate. I like the consignment form idea. I’ve been using an excel spreadsheet.

  2. I love this. Is there a form I can download so I can personalize and use it? I’ll promote it to all the artists I know, we’ll need a critical mass to turn the tide.

  3. Excellent article Eric. I wish more artists would “stick to their guns”, the idea of “some representation at whatever cost, is better than none” hurts all artists. 50/50 is a travesty, yet too many artists quickly sign up for that nonsense. As far as reproduction rights, spot on. In the illustration world (of which I was a part for 15 years) the illustrator sold only the “first time reproduction rights” on all work, unless otherwise noted in writing. Artists should make it clear that they own the copyright (never sell that, artists) and also make sure they indicate so on the back of their paintings. From your point of view in this article, I cannot see why a gallery owner would take issue with anything you have written. Very fair and clearly put. It’s time all of us get on board and make the gallery/artist relationship fair and worthwhile for both parties.
    By the way, I’m all for galleries purchasing some work up front, put some skin in the game, as you say. Thanks Eric.
    PS. I wish Utah had a law on the books about sharing collector information.

    1. Thanks for the comments John, and for your insight into the illustration side of things. Artists need to protect themselves, they should never depend on the client/gallery/collector to do that.

  4. This confirms why I just passed entering two shows where the call was for small paintings and they charge just to apply. Then you pay for the frame, not to mention shipping or transport, and then they still take half–so in the end, if the painting sells for $250, you’d get $50. I just don’t get why people are “honored” to be part of something like that.

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