Remembering Daphne Huntington (1910-2012) and Her Contributions to CAC Art History

7 thoughts on “Remembering Daphne Huntington (1910-2012) and Her Contributions to CAC Art History”

  1. Thank you for sharing this background on Daphne Huntington…..really interesting and a life well-lived. Charmaine Jefferson


  2. Eric, It’s too bad you’re such a great painter because you could just as well spend all your time researching and writing California art history. You really have the human touch and the empathy to tell a story like this. A fine tribute.

  3. Thank you again Eric for this wonderful piece. Indeed your research and writing abilities are second to none and you really hit upon all the important points in their extraordinary lives. I continue in my endeavor to help them make their mark even after their passing.

  4. Eric,
    Just came across your article, and compliments to you on your writing skills! So sad to see that Daphne has passed on, but now she is reunited with her sister and other family! The article is of interest because I have so many pieces from their lives; i.e., clothing, accessories, paintings, ceramics, paper products, family photos, poetry, books and other ephemera, boxes of their jewelry and jewelry-making pieces, etc. Your biographies have provided great background, as well as have been very interesting reading!

    1. Hi Liesl,
      Thanks for your comments, I was glad to have known her. Did you know her also? I wonder if there is other history in the items you have that would add to the story. Do you have articles and photos scanned? The family might be interested in pieces of history they didn’t know.

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